Hotel rules for unmarried couples ‘n’ hotel rooms: A Guide

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Carry An 18+ Valid ID Card

Any hotels, OYO, or guest houses you’re booking have an official right to ask for your identity proof, so always carry Valid ID cards to prove you’re an adult of 18+ years.

A passport, driver’s license, or Aadhar card should work.

You’ll need to carry separate IDs and make sure they aren’t fake Otherwise you’ll be in legal trouble


Always Review Hotel Policies

Legally, there’s no Indian law prohibiting the stay of unmarried couples in a hotel room. But, all stays will have different policies.

While most hotels have no restrictions, a few hotels, especially in conservative areas, are stricter for unmarried couples,

So, there is no harm in checking the policies before reserving.

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Beware Of Hidden Cameras

  • Couples, when all is said and done, the first thing to do is check for hidden cameras.
  • Check the mirrors, the ceiling fan, any electronic items, and every hidden spots.
  • Next, turn off all the lights, and look around the room with your phone’s flashlight. if you spot a reflection, you know what it is!
  • Cover, hide, or unplug any suspicious device in your room.
  • Look out for blinking red lights.

Book Your Stay In Advance

  • To avoid any embarrassing questions, book the room in advance.
  • Go for online payment mode for a speedy, smooth check-in and less glares.
  • Good hostels are better alternatives for a private and comfortable experience.
  • But, the ID will still be required so carry it with you!

Is This All Illegal?

For having seggs and fun? No, honey! It is not punishable until you’re doing it with a consenting adult(s), in a private space. PDA is still illegal.

Now there is no specific law in India that criminalizes unmarried couples from staying in hotels together.

But there is no court mandate either that makes it compulsory for the hotel owners to accommodate unmarried couples.

What’s The Helpline?

If you’re refused a room by any hotel w/o clear policies on unmarried couples, you can reach out to the National Consumer Helpline. Dial 1800-11-4000

The law doesn’t prohibit couples from the same city from checking in a hotel room, But some discretions have been granted to hotel authorities to make their policies about this, so stay informed:)

Remember your rights and stay safe!

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